Volker + Daddy

Volker Helmig

He was a child of respectable parents, but then he came on wrong way and became

Diploma Engineer.

At Work

Place: 07743 Jena
Company: Friedrich Schiller University (FSU)
Faculty: Physical-Astronomically (PAF)
Institute: Otto Schott Institute of Materials Research (OSIM)
Department: Professorate for Mechanics of Functional Materials (MfM)
Road: Loebdergraben 32
Telephone: (03641) 94 77 78

At Home

Place: 07745 Jena-Winzerla
Road: Max-Steenbeck-28
Telephone: (03641) 60 24 95
Spare Time: • It is to have said sometimes to one, "the day has 24 hours, and then there is nevertheless still the night". Wink...

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